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Where can you get a piecepack?

Buy one

You can buy a piecepack from the following vendors. Other commercial piecepacks are out of print. But you might find older used versions or non-commercial versions elsewhere.

Workman edition

The Workman edition (“The Infinite Board Game”) is available worldwide in various bookshops and online shops, including Amazon. It is made out of durable plastic and includes a rulebook with 50 games.

The Game Crafter editions

There are different piecepacks on The Game Crafter. They are mostly made out of cardboard, are printed on demand and include a leaflet with 3 games. They ship worldwide from the USA.

Blue Panther editions

Blue Panther makes different piecepacks out of wood. They ship worldwide from the USA. Their website might look very old but they are still selling at least one of the piecepacks.

First photo by porter235 (license: CC BY-NC-SA) and second photo by mothertruckin (license: CC BY-NC-ND)

Create one

Because the design of the piecepack is in the Public Domain, you can create your own and even sell it. Some people have shared their designs so you can print them at home. Or create yours completely from scratch.

This is one example of a self-made piecepack with a downloadable design.

Photo by DanielAjoy (license: CC BY-NC-SA)

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